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MFA Thesis Exhibition

This section includes highlights of my latest media coverage, as well as information about the exhibition and shows. If you have any questions about my work or approach to concept or design, media inquiries, please contact me directly.


MFA Thesis Show Opens

The work of L. Edward Smith spans more than three decades and has been exhibited nationally and internationally from the “Textile Center” in Minneapolis, MN, to “Carnevale”, Venice, Italy, various venues in central Pennsylvania and Savannah Georgia.  The exhibition, “Memory, Ephemerality, and Intuitive Making” is a body of crocheted portraits, collaborative making and intuitive installations, with his aunt, mom and other strong influential women, coupled with a group of automatic writings and drawings, all made during his acquisition of an MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.  These mixed media and fibers works, based on memories and ephemeral situations, were created with repurposed materials such as yarn and paper, using an intuitive process. Many of the memories are from his childhood in rural Pennsylvania where he learned many skills including canning, gardening, sewing and crocheting. Vignettes of his mom, aunts, and grandmother sewing, stitching and crocheting together were the beginning of his interest in making, and much of his work is a tribute to them and other important women in his life.

Aunt Geneviève 1970

The crochet used in this piece is from my Aunt Geneviève who taught me to crochet when I was 7 years old. I have great memories of her as she was very jovial and had a great sense of humor. Aunt Genny was a woman who was always crafting in crochet. I was amazed as a child watching her, because she could sit and make while holding a conversation and barely looking at what was going on in her hands. She made blankets, throws, pillows, and such using various crochet patterns.

Aunt Gen

Collaboration With Aunt Genny

The center of the installation is my crochet, the use of her original work and materials marry my Aunt Genny's work of 1970's with my crochet 2021.

Sulfur Studios Main Gallery,

2301 Bull Street, Savannah, GA.

May 6th to the 9th

Exhibition Reception May 7th, 6 to 9 pm. 

Gallery talk 7pm on May 7th.   

Press: Press
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